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A new Krystal Murphy Mystery


A new Krystal Murphy Mystery

Great Review!!!  1 August 2017

What, double take, is that a toupe dangling from another hotel  balcony suicide? And I’m trying to keep a straight face writing this. And worse still, future hotel guests want to rent the same room, in hope of osmotically drawing in the bear’s wealth and prestige. None of this will make any sense unless you have dipped into the make-believable world of Mr. Davidson.

The book is so real, right down to that  ‘Bismillah’ graffiti on the wall of a textile factory in Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay or the cascading waters of Iguazu Falls that skirts the nearby borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina; you can even feel the mist enveloping you as jostle for space amongst other  tourists taking selfies  with the help of long ‘selfie’ poles.

Even on the remote  windswept shores of the west coat of Ireland, the little village of Cleggan takes on a curious life of its own – Fish and Chips at Oliver’s Pub only 13 Euros. And those castles near Shannon where Harry and Sasha fly out for clandestine assignments?

It’s a Google Earth treasure trove, taking us to exotic locations, from Brazil, Paraguay, and Israel to Monaco. It’s the story that counts most, everything else is just a well thought out prop. Krystal, Harry, Sasha, Robert, Ronan, Shurgin, and other unsavoury neckless characters bring to life The Incubus Vendetta.

Krystal follows up from this book which is a psychological thriller   that guided the book to a satisfactory Davidson resolution, meaning it was fucking brilliant in so many ways.

But knowing what Krystal went through in this book, adds even another layer in the novel ‘Krystal’. Serial killers usually end up dying by their own sword. But in the end, I was actually willing somehow for Shurgin to be rescued and reformed.

Retiring in Brazil with a young mistress seemed like a fitting ending for someone of bullish standing. I had images of Putin wrestling bears and riding bareback  in the wilds  of Siberia  when Davidson described Shurgin toward the end of the book. There was so much ‘yep this is plausible’ going on  that I was beginning to  question how close was the author to the events that transpired in The Incubus Vendetta.

More than we’d ever know, no doubt.

Yet one question looms out of the fog of espionage.

Who intercepted that Panamanian registered freighter?

My bet it was the Israelis.

The dream sequence of  his death in italics verges on macabre poetry. You have to listen very carefully; some notes are not discernible on a conscious level. This is Michael R. Davidson’s at his best.

And then you realise it’s not a dream and the writer jolts you out of your somnolent thoughts. He lulls you before the reality smacks you hard in the face.

Frozen fish not only smell fishy  but  make a bloody mess  if wielded properly on a vulnerable face. This book gets you thinking, thinking in ways that are introspective and dangerous. He forces us to look in the mirror of our own dark past. Being a victim basically sucks.


July 17, 2018 interview with my pal, Tom Sipos on "Hudson Valley Focus" Newstalk 1450 WKIP

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August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

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Harry Connolly fans will be pleased.  HARRY IS BACK!  The time is the late 1980's, and Harry is in Paris chasing Soviet intelligence officers.

Ever wonder what happened right after HARRY'S RULES? 

Ewan Ramsay and Mossad's most fearsome operative, Eitan Ronan, and drawn into a trap by their mortal enemy, and and bait is Sasha!  Available soon from Amazon Kindle.

Harry's Rules No. 2 Kindle Thriller


June 16, 2017

"The Dove" has received great reviews from (drumroll) three excellent authors.

Alex Shaw calls it "superior spy fiction." 

The Dove is superior spy fiction from an author who has lived the life his fictional characters now lead.

Happily stationed in Paris, and taking full...

May 5, 2016

Sad to report that the CIA's Publications Review Board tells me that they won't be able to sign off on publication of this new novelette before October 2016.  They appear to be overworked and understaffed to handle all the old spooks who are now writing books.


October 26, 2015

Get ready for a big announcement about HARRY'S RULES on 3 November 2015.



August 6, 2014

M. Alain Griotteray-Brayance, leader and hero of the French Resistance (Reseau Orion) during World War II.  My friend Alain (R.I.P.) invited me to join him at a ceremony in St. Tropez honoring the Allied Forces' landing to open the Southern Front after D-Day.  It was m...

August 6, 2014

Several years ago I was privileged to be invited a celebration in Washington of President Ronald Reagan's birthday.  Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady," was the featured speaker, and her remembrances of Reagan were touching.  This was the...

August 6, 2014

This is me and my eagle-eyed editor and proofreader, Gabriel the pug, several years ago as I was writing HARRY'S RULES.  Gabriel crossed the rainbow bridge to Heaven some time ago, but I still miss his insights.


July 15, 2014

My wife and I in Connemara, not far from Ballyconneely, Ireland.  "It was a dark and stormy day."

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