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Michael R. Davidson writes about what he knows - the Cold War, Russians, espionage, and adventure.  His characters are believable, and his plots are true to life.

Harry's Rules

ISBN 978-0-615-66394-4

Did the Cold War end or did the KGB find a way to retain its power and dominate the new Russian Federation?  “Harry’s Rules” is an espionage thriller set against the backdrop of post-Soviet Russia in the early 1990’s.


When HARRY CONNOLLY is dispatched to investigate the mysterious murder of a CIA officer in Austria he discovers a terrible secret. In the wake of sanguinary clashes with a ruthless Russian revanchist organization, Harry finds himself an international pariah, wanted for murder by law enforcement, hunted by Russian thugs, and unable any longer to trust the CIA. He is forced to throw his lot in with the Mossad and a beautiful Israeli agent as they draw ever closer to a climactic encounter with Voskreseniye. Along the way another story has been unfolding just beneath the surface, and Harry must unravel the plot within the plot if he is to survive. 

eye for an eye

ISBN: 978-0-578-16756-5

The Russians set a trap, and Harry Connolly's aka Ewan Ramsay's beloved Sasha falls into it.  Captured by the sadistic and cruel Russian mafioso Zhenya Lomonosov and his henchman, Sasha will soon be secretly transported to Moscow into the hands of Vitaliy Mikhailovich Shurgin.  The Mossad and Ewan Ramsay are faced with the necessity to mount a bold rescue operation against Zhenya's nearly impregnable stronghold. 


ISBN 978-0-615-72390-7

A long-dead secret that could change the course of history draws murder to a quiet Washington suburb.  Only an exiled CIA officer, a pariah and a wanted man can solve a mystery that both the White House and the Kremlin will protect at all costs.


Harry Connolly, with a new identity, makes his second appearance in his continuing battle with Russian president Shurgin.

The Incubus Vendetta

 ISBN 978-0-615-72390-7

Deposed Russian president Shurgin is desperate to punish those who brought about his downfall, and nothing will get in his way.  A suicide bomber and a serial killer are his chosen instruments.  A quiet afternoon in Brussels is shattered by unspeakable horror, and a madman leaves a trail of blood in Washington.  But his targets are anything but helpless, and Harry Connolly vows to put an end to Shurgin once and for all.


The Dove

 ISBN 978-0-692-87714-2

It's the late 1980's.  The Soviet Union is teetering on the brink of ruin, but the Cold War grinds relentlessly on.  Harry Connolly is assigned to Paris where he hunts Russians and enjoys haute cuisine.  But these pleasures are interrupted by a dangerous assignment to meet a Soviet volunteer of great importance in Moscow.  Harry once again walks a tightrope with no net other than his own wiles.


Buy-Another-Day_ebook (002).jpg

Buy Another Day

ISBN 978-0-692-13096-4

SOME call it murder, but when the very existence of Israel is threatened, it is up to the men and women of the Mossad to protect her by whatever means necessary.  Enter the dark and dangerous world of the Mossad's super-secret Kidon warriors as they risk their lives far away from Israel to track down and eliminate their enemies.

A Peculiar Profession - eBook.jpg

A Peculiar Profession

ISBN: 978-0-578-78632-2

Harry Connolly is in Warsaw on his first assignment as a CIA officer.  When an agent reports that the KGB has penetrated the CIA, Harry is drawn into a dangerous Cold War confrontation with the Soviets.

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